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Detergent Cake Machine Manufacturer

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as most reliable detergent cake machine manufacturer and exporter from Ahmedabad, India. These machines produce detergent cake or bar that use for cleaning and washing clothes.

Our detergent cake machine aka detergent cake plant is made by conjoining many machines such as detergent mixture machine, detergent plodder machine, detergent bar cutter, detergent cake cutter and flow wrap machine.

Detergent Cake machinery first mixes all ingredients for making detergent in mixture machine then detergent is enters in the plodder machine where thin sheets are made. These detergent sheets cut in bar in bar cutter. All detergent bars are again cut by bar cutter to give bars to desire shapes and sizes as per needs of clients. After that cut bars are wrapped by flow wrap machine.

We offers detergent cake making machine that manufacture detergent cakes in different shapes and design as per requirements of clients.